Here are the main reasons to invite you to visit the exhibition “Dora Salazar. Inspiración, Espiración, Expiación” (Inspiration, Expiration, Atonement) in a new exhibition space for contemporary art, at the old chapel of Museum of Navarra opened by the Government of Navarra (Spain).

The project “All Art is Contemporary” that aims to join the new museum discourse of presenting artworks, leaving the chronological exhibition of works to focus on a presentation based on themes, concepts… starts with the challenging cohabitation in the chapel of seventeen altarpieces with fifteen artworks by Dora Salazar, centered on the human body and feminist criticism. The artist, who is also the curator of the exhibition, has solved it with mastery. “When a place is so overwhelming, I think the best option is to join it”, explained Salazar.

Through collage and recycling, the well-known artist seeks “identity from a gender perspective, questioning the role played by an artist in this society. The body is the measure of everything”, she says. Her artworks, which appear suspended or occupying preferential spaces in the altarpieces, seek “to create an environment of aesthetic, sensual and intellectual experience, merging the previous and the new art, so that it seems that they both have always been there”.












The exhibition is open until March 24th, 2019, at the chapel of the Museum of Navarra, Spain.