1.     The artworks on sale at are unique or limited editions, exclusive, completed,  certified and registered with a photograph, description, title, technique, dimensions, price and date of completion by the artist.

–      Unique artwork: The only existing artwork, identified and described by its author.

–      Limited Edition Artwork:  reproduced with a limited number of copies. The title including, for example 7/50, means that the edition is limited to 50 copies, and this is the 7th copy, all are individually signed  by the artist.

–      Exclusive artwork means it only appears in digital image at and has not been published, edited or reproduced in a digital format or search engines, social networks, other on-line galleries, etc. An exception is if  drawings or prints have been published in newspapers, magazines or books.

–      Doubly certificate artworks: Every artwork is signed by hand by its artist on the front or  back. If it is not possible to sign it this way, the author will certify the artwork with a paper document. Galeria Gellar’s invoice  will also certify the artwork, including all the points of the web art description.

–      All artwork will be ready for delivery  by within 24 hours of purchase.