The performance was played on April 1st, 2018, in Madrid, at Plaza de Embajadores by the Spanish street artist Ze Carrion and the Dutch actor Gabriel Lux.


Syrian Refugees coming to the promise land after their city got destroyed, indirectly, by all of us.

Videoperformance performance artist : Gabriel Lux


To die for


Brain shot

I just stand there



It hit me right between the eyes

I couldn’t resist anymore

The brainshot

I was not able to protect myself against the impact

The colours

like shots in the invisible air

Polluted by crime


I had to react

The ground beneath my feet


I could only escape by doing

The activity

A protest

To stay live

I stand in front of the coloured wall

And died

again and again

A shot in the brain

and nothing left of me

I didn’t care

it was an honour to die

My last finished performance I did

was called “to die for”

In the moment as I approached the painting, I felt like dying

The title “to die for” was based on these refugees who died for their freedom

I saw the painting and in the same moment my life

all dedication I gave to so many people who deserve all attention in


Their past passed away by time

everyone stays silent in the end

The painting, this breathtaking artwork

Is the only truth

It happens

And it will happen again