Prices and delivery charges

1.     Prices in Gellart.com do not include the statutory Value Added Tax nor delivery charge. If the VAT rate applicable on the date of the order has changed after the order was placed, it will be reflected in the total price  without you being notified.

2.     The delivery charge for each order depends on the dimensions and weight of the order and the destination country. The cost for each delivery is clearly indicated during the check-out process. If we are unable to deliver your order through the standard shipping we  will contact you to agree a solution.

Place an order

3.     Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirming this purchase.

4.     You have 24 hours to cancel your order via the Gellart.com website. If for any reason we can not fulfil your order, we will let you know. If we have already received payment for the order, we will attempt the refund by the method used to make the payment. If alternative arrangements are necessary,  our Customer Service staff will contact you to settle the refund.


5.     Shipping fees will be displayed at the checkout if you have already written down your address in your account.

6.     Before you place your order, you will be informed of the expected delivery details.

7.     If you have given us your email address, you will receive a confirmation with your expected delivery details.

8.     Gellart.com will take the greatest of care to be as accurate as possible when receiving and dispatching orders. We always endeavor to deliver your order to a residential address, post office or pick-up location. Please note, we only ship to home or office addresses and not to P.O. box addresses.

9.     If your order does not arrive by the scheduled date, please contact customerservice@gellart.com

Given up Guarantee

10.  You have the right to cancel your purchase and return it within a period of 10 calendar days after the day of delivery by Gellart.com or 7 days since you have receive it, which means that you are allowed to change your mind and send back the artwork you have received, without any obligations from your side, apart from taking care of the costs of the return shipping and assurance fees.

11.  As you have been charged for the items, you will receive a refund which will not include gellart.com standard delivery costs and also exclude the cost of the return of the items.

12.  We will then provide a refund, attempting to use the same method that you used to make the payment. We will do this as soon as the artwork arrives at the origin. Another payment method may be used for the refund, provided that you consent to such change.

13.  This will not generate any additional charges.