I have been developing painting projects of urban street in open workshops, studio artworks and exhibitions as resident artist, both in the keller studio of La Tabacalera and in “La Neomudejar Vanguard Art Museum” for a few years in Madrid.

I also collaborate with NGOs in street art and educational projects in Spain and abroad: Colombia, Nepal, etc.

People usually ask me for my references when they know my artwork, passing by my street mural puzzles and I usually say that everything inspires me: every artistic expression, all sounds and feelings stimulate me. I just let myself go and translate my life into paintings, videos…

I also look at images in Google or watch films and I cannot avoid studying their formal languages and techniques. I like my paintings to talk to the universal,  historical and contemporary artist.

I paint with spray, enamel and plastic color on different supports, above all recycling materials, recovering urban spaces. I love thinking that my paintings give them a new plastic life.

October, 2017