Considering that if drawings, symbols or photographic elements collaborate to structure the images destined to be published on paper in the usual press, it is undeniable that the sound and the movement that allows the editing of those same newspapers on the Web, diversify the possibilities for creation of the visual metaphor sought; the one in charge of illuminating and enriching the text to which the illustration accompanies, and on which its meaning depends.


Date and customer:

I have been developing punctually this type of video illustrations for more than four years in the Fronterad digital magazine (www.fronterad.com).



I bring here three examples:

The title “Under the Roses”, with text by José María Conget, which tells the memories of a French singer who returns to her hometown on the occasion of the death of her father. View here.

The one that illustrated Diego Fonseca’s article “Mr. Cuffaco, approach the counter “, which displayed the observations of a character in an airport terminal. View here.

And finally, the one that accompanied a review that David Remnick made of the professional career of Bruce Springsteen. View here.

January, 2018