Text on the album “Impertérrito”, by Federico del Barrio.

It has been many years now since, very early in the morning, Federico del Barrio sent his little son, Silvestre, to the forest; evangelically stripped of the artistic skills that the father bore, but well equipped with his garnet cap and a basket full of simple things as simple as Jeremiah Eremit, our guide today: a true character.

In this book, Eremit and his good friend the master Pirandello are seen so modern that, initially, they make us exclaim: Ahaha, they are the Vladimir and Estragon of Samuel Beckett!, and from there all that verbiage in a vicious circle that they use.

But we see that nothing is modern, because they await nobody, but they venture, like the ancients.

I understand! we say, they are Dante and Virgilio, Dante and Beatriz, who descend to a hell of blank spaces and signs that howl desolate.

Or Worse!: they are Judas and Brutus whom Satan, Dite, judge and party, with a lot of pomposity, flakes up in his jaws and keeps them eternally bolted … but then they are saved, yes, because Federico del Barrio, Deus ex machina, cries out with his deep voice: I want to bring the maximum good to the world!

But no, it does not go like that; let’s back off because the adventure is even more archaic:

They are Oedipus and Antigone who have met with Undaunted, the wolf, the sphinx, a scribble that cuts them off and now asks the wild Little Red Riding Hood and his father:

Could it be said that what this book maintains is that any drawing that persists in remaining before our eyes, the Time, using even the lapse of a simple blink, will transform it into a cartoon?.

Or in another way: Could it be said that what this book maintains is that any of us who persist in remaining exposed without any protection to the Becoming, and its lapses, the Time will transform it into the character of the comic of its own history?

If the answer is negative say: No!, but I’m glad you ask me that question.

If, on the other hand, the answer is positive, say: Yes! and today for dinner you shall have shrimp.




This is the link of the book, in case you find it interesting to take a look at it.