We take as a starting point, to talk about the exibition of Lina Bo Bardi,  Tupí or not tupí, at Fundación March in Madrid, the Anthropophagic Manifesto that was published in 1928 by the Brazilian poet and polemicist Oswald de Andrade in which the main argument proposes that Brazil’s history of “cannibalizing” other cultures was its greatest strength,  because it splendidly demonstrates the opposite argument.

Lina Bo Bardi, an architect and designer formed in Italian, arrived to Brazil to stay and inspired by her vernacular designs, observed and in some way absorbed, during her travels in the northeast of Brazil, the popular brazilian unfussy aesthetic with simplicity of design,  reduction and rawness, but she also influenced so that some Brazilan artists turn to the colors, typical themes and simplicity forms of their popular art.

We do think cannibalizing cultures is necessary for an artist to grow and take out his own genious and it has nothing to do with tendencies or fashion currently at the market.

The exibition is a map of Bo Bardi  main and well-known projects, as the Glass House, Office Theater… and  also of her exibitions as The hand of the Brazilian people of 1969, Thousand toys for the Brazilian child and of the some Brazilian interesting artists as José Antonio da Silva, Tarsilia de Amaral, Maria Auxiliadora da Silva.


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It is open from october 2018 to January 13th 2019 at Fundación March in Madrid.