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The artist of

2.     We believe that an artwork is linked to the biography, the aesthetic values and  the  talent of its author and  that there is not greater or lesser art but artists.

3.      We work for  the transparency of the art market and provide collectors the information to follow the evolution of our  artists and their market  value and be in contact to them through their posted: Biography, Artworks, Blog and Contact


The artworks of

4.     The artworks on sale at are unique or serial, exclusive, finished and certified. All of them are registered with its photograph, description, title, technique, dimensions, price and date of completion by the artist.

–      Unique artwork: It is the only existing artwork and it is identified and described by its author.

–      Serial ARTWORK: it is an artwork reproduced with a limited number of copies. If the title includes, for example 7/50, it means that the edition is limited to 50 reproductions, and this piece is the 7th  one, signed by the artist.

–      Exclusive artwork means that it has not been published, edited, reproduced, etc before in digital devices except at search engines, social networks, other galleries on-line, etc. There is only the exception if the drawings or prints have been published on newspapers, cultural magazines or books.

–      Double certificate artworks: Every artwork is signed by hand by its artist in front or at the back of it. If it is not possible to sign it this way, the author will certify the artwork on a paper document. The invoice of Galeria Gellart will also certify it, including all the points of the web art description.

–      Every artwork will be ready for starting delivery process by the artist to the buyer within 24 hours after its purchase.