What is Nationalism? How are we to face this concept nowadays?

Abstract Nationalism was a project carried out in Poble Nou, Barcelona, on July 26, 2017, with the well-known controversial process of independence propelled by the Catalan separatists as a background.

I painted a mural where Betsy Ross is sewing a state star on a long flag of Catalonia, that seems to change to a flag of Spain that burns in the ember of a drum. I did it on a quite abrupt parking metal gate in an area, where there are many legal walls for urban street art. There is a great pictorial movement in this area where murals painted by artists disappear under the mural of other ones.

In fact, I had already painted the mural “Marc Zuckerberg deconstructed in cyber-windows” on that same door, a couple of years ago.

When my artwork cried out for existence, Abstract Nationalism to me was a light gesture or a whisper surrounded by so many graffitis and I just felt that I should have to paint a scream and it came out of me.

I do think my  contribution was neither a message nor an apology but a mural. But it has bothered many people, in fact the original star has appeared substituted by an swastika cross in social nets moving. The last thing I heard about it was that it has been crossed out.

I cannot understand why people get offended by an artwork, that explores plastic art and talks about what is happening.

One can like an artwork or not but why are there so many people offended or even full of hate? Art is a way to explore life, an object that immortalizes a photogram of our history. It is a poetic look at the reality from my subjectivity that just pretends to do some objective artwork.

This event gives me the opportunity to think about what art is to me. Nowadays my answer is that art seems to me as a dialogue between space and time that takes an artwork out of myself. I feel every artwork has always been inside me.

September, 2017