José Luis López de Zubiría - The origin

Recently, in those analogical times, when we pursued quality working with the EKTACHROME, we had the uncertainty of results as a permanent guest in our studios.

Light, photometer, Polaroid, moving the focus, other Polaroid, shot, courier, lab, result, … concatenated steps, to reach the end of the process, the CERTAINTY, and timing fulfilled.

Having a development machine in the own photo studio was a big step in the fight against it, and suddenly we managed to corner it.

Shooting and developing was the solution, and we entered fully into the world of ph, from the force process, ending up on the wrong way to the cross processing.

We learned to live with shorter timings, making the results even faster, and time shorter.

And in that vortex of movements, pursuing silver images, rush governed. As a result, in my case, a small chaos was started to originate,    … film clippings coexisted with one another, piled up, at the foot of the buckets, sporadically irrigated by the spills of the development, and the fixative that next to the hot water led to the emulsion, lost, to the limits close to putrefaction, it was then when it was time for cleaning and tidiness.

And it was in the middle of this chaos, when the pictures that I am showing you arised and they got saved in the very last moment before falling into the garbage can.

And that´s why its name Entropy, in honor of its origin, chaos.

In Thermodynamics, entropy is symbolized by the letter S, and to put it in some way, entropy, measures the degree of organization of a system …

In these photos of images emerged from my chaos, I find those lines paradoxical, which are the edges of the film, which point to a certain construction, as if they could somehow contain the chaos …

The outbreaks emerged a little before 1995, at the same time they were photographed in large format, while they were still humid. And on top of that, I’ve had forgotten them until yesterday.

I present them in Direct printing on dibond aluminum 3mm + PET1mm siloconado + rear frame.

José Luis López de Zubiría - The origin