Lavapies is a fashionable neighborhood, in the center of Madrid, because of its cosmopolitan restaurants, its small theaters and its original shops and restaurants, in a process of transformation and at high risk of gentrification.

This urban setting occupied by the cigar makers of Madrid, around La Tabacalera, for over a century, is an industrial building now, enabled as a large-scale multipurpose cultural center where, nowadays, traditional residents live with immigrants, artists, poets and tourists and that the graffiti artists fill with images and color.

Ze Carrión is one of the artists who live and defend a Lavapies that evolves without losing its identity. His murals mark many walls of its streets and the Tabacalera building, where he has had his workshop and has taught young artists to paint.

Ze does not ask where you come from or go to. Ze does not care about the identity signs of Spanish, American, Asian or… art and yet in his artworks, you can feel the palette of European classics painters, the compositions of 20th century masters and even his passion for Manga and video games.

Ze flees from schools or aesthetic styles. When you suggest Pop features in some of his works, he looks at you ironically and says: I should have missed that class in the degree studies.

His indifference to the typecasting has made him, without giving up the outdoors wall, appreciate the possibilities of the bare walls of a restaurant and paint La Nobia with B to give social visibility to the many brides who do not have it on their wedding. In the same place, Ze has painted a small wonderfull portrait of Marilyn Monroe, with a mustache, to denounce the dictatorship of aesthetics we are living.

restaurante la nobia

Restaurante La Nobia.- Lavapies

We also recomend his version of the Last Supper on Eccolo Restaurante walls, an exceptional exercise of composition and modernity of the chromatic palette and traditional figuration.

restaurante eccolo

Restaurante Eccolo .- Lavapies